Boston Public School Program


The3PointFoundation, partnering with the University of Massachusetts Boston, runs an afterschool academic and basketball program for fifth and sixth graders in six Boston Public Schools.


This year we are at the Paul A. Dever School, the McCormack School and the Mather School, all of which are in Dorchester, the Kent Harvard and Edwards School, both in Charlestown and the Orchard Gardens school in Roxbury.


Our program meets twice weekly at each school during the school week.  One day of the program, Run NBA, is in the classroom where students work on their math and problem solving skills in the context of running an NBA team.  As part of the Run NBA program, pairs of students also draft their own NBA team playing their classmates in NBA Math Hoops.


During the second day of our program, students read about and discuss the importance of character as part of sports and then go out to the basketball court for an hour of practicing and playing basketball.  As part of the basketball sessions, coaches incorporate the character lessons discussed in class.


The students also form school teams and play in a league against the 5th and 6th grade school teams from the other schools at which The3PointFoundation runs programs.  The league games are played on Sunday afternoons at UMass Boston.


The entire program incorporates the Common Core Standards emphasizing problem solving, critical thinking, public speaking, reading, writing, conceptual thinking and collaboration.  Approximately 240 students will be in our Boston Public Schools Program this year.


University of Massachusetts Professor Joan Arches of the College of Public and Community Service has developed program curriculum and oversees student volunteers who assist in the delivery of The3PointFoundation’s programs at the Boston Public Schools.  The program also receives support from Vice Chancellor and Athletic Director Charlie Titus and Oderra Jones from the Athletic Department’s Office of Special Projects.