NBA Math Hoops League

The3PointFoundation has an exclusive partnership in Boston with NBA Math Hoops.  With support from the NBA, Hasbro, Inc., and Learning Fresh, an educational non-profit, developed a fast-paced basketball board game where students apply fundamental math skills to competitive game play. The NBA Math Hoops curriculum is tied to the Common Core Standards, and, depending on grade, math score improvements have ranged from 15% to 55% after 18 hours of game play.


The3PointfFoundation runs a Boston citywide NBA Math Hoops League in conjunction with the oldest and best known community basketball program in Boston, No Books No Ball.  Over 350 boys and girls play in the No Books No Ball league founded over twenty-three years ago by Tony Richards, a leader in Boston community basketball.  The NBA Math Hoops league runs parallel with the NBNB basketball league.  Teams scheduled to play basketball come to the gym an hour before the start of their games and square-off in an NBA Math Hoops League Contest.  The winning team in NBA Math Hoops is awarded two free throws at the start of its basketball game.  Standings are kept in the NBA Math Hoops League and, based on the season’s results, playoffs are held culminating in a championship tournament at The Reggie Lewis Center.