Why The3PointFoundation?


THE3POINTFOUNDATION’S PROGRAMS ARE FREE. The3PointFoundation does not charge students to participate in any of our programs making them accessible to students from low-income families.

THE3POINTFOUNDATION OFFERS HIGHLY EFFECTIVE PROGRAMS WHICH ATTRACT AND RETAIN UNDER-SERVED YOUTH. Our programs have been designed to attract and to retain under-served urban youth by capitalizing on our students’ passion for basketball. Not only do we focus on the dimensions of playing basketball which develop the qualities of character necessary for success, but we also connect our classroom programs to basketball and sports.

THE3POINTFOUNDATION’S BASKETBALL PROGRAM REINFORCES CLASSROOM LESSONS. The basketball court is our largest classroom. Our coaches use basketball to teach the life lessons that may be learned from sports.

THE GROWTH OF STUDENT PARTICIPANTS DEMONSTRATES THE IMPACT OF OUR PROGRAMS. The3PointFoundation began in July, 2012 with a 15 boy summer program. In 2013, we enrolled 150 students in after school programs, an NBA Math Hoops league and a summer academy. In 2014, we will run programs for over 400 students.

THE SUCCESS OF THE3POINTFOUNDATION’S PROGRAMS HAS BEEN PUBLICLY RECOGNIZED. We were encouraged by the Superintendent of the Boston Public Schools and a School Committee member to expand our programs throughout the city for students from 5th to 8th grades. As a result, we will be offering programs in 6 public schools this fall and anticipate adding more schools in the spring. We will also be operating a summer program with UMass Boston on its campus for Boston Public middle school students.

WE HAVE GREAT PARTNERS. The3PointFoundation is supported in its work by the Boston Celtics Shamrock Foundation. Additionally, we partner extensively with UMass Boston and Chyten Tutoring, a leading provider of education and tutoring programs. The Reggie Lewis Center provides support in housing certain of our programs and other assistance. We also partner with Roche Brothers for the community service programs undertaken by our students and their families.

OUR FINANCIAL RESOURCES ARE SPENT ON OUR STUDENTS. We are fortunate that we receive generous contributions in-kind of office space, supplies and administrative support. Everyone in the program, whatever their other responsibilities, works directly with the students as a teacher or coach. Thus, we have minimal overhead and administrative costs.