Arsene Wenger opens the door for Ramsey’s exit

Arsenal’s head coach Arsene Wenger has already started to make changes at the club, but he has not yet managed to get rid of the problem of the team’ failure in the domestic championship.
The Gunners have been in the Champions League for several years now, and the team is now in a situation where it is not able to show its best game.
However, the club is still the main contender for the title of the best in Europe, so the situation in the tournament is not the best.
Now, the team has a new coach, who is trying to improve the situation. The Frenchman has already managed to bring about some changes in the team, and now it is time to see what will happen in the future.
One of the most obvious changes is the appointment of the young midfielder Granit Xhaka, who was in the starting lineup of the Gunners for several seasons.
Xhaka has already become a key player of the club and is able to make the difference in the fight for the gold medals.
He is able not only to provide the necessary support to the team leaders, but also to show his own game. This is a good sign, because the club needs a new leader who is able, not only in the field, but in the personal sphere, to give the team a boost.
Another good sign is the fact that the club has managed to sign a new goalkeeper, who will be able to replace the injured Lukasz Fabianski.
In the next season, the Gunner’ will be in a good position to fight for a place in the top 4, which will be a real test for the team.

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Arsenal is the main candidate for the Champions league
It is now time to assess the situation of the Arsenal in the English Premier League. The team has been in a state of crisis for several consecutive seasons, and this time it is even more serious.
This time, the situation is even worse, because Arsenal has lost a lot of points in the season. The club was in a crisis for a long time, and it is now clear that the situation has reached a point where the team cannot continue to play in the current format.
At the same time, Wenger’ has managed not to lose his place in English football, so he is able at the moment to give his players the best possible conditions.
Despite the fact, that the Gunnarsson has managed a good result in the championship, the fans are not satisfied with the results of the players.
They are not able, for example, to show their best game in the Europa League, where the club was a real contender for a victory.
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Latest news on Arsenal
Arsenal has recently changed the head coach, and he has managed, despite the fact the club had a good start, to lose points in each of the next two seasons. The new coach is Arsene Wengers, who has managed the team for several successful seasons. However, the last time the Gunnsons won the title was in 2002.
Wenger has managed in the last season to get the team to the Champions cup, but the team failed in the group stage of the tournament.
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New Arsenal players in the squad
The new season of the English championship is not going well for the Gunniars. The squad of the coach is not in the best shape, and many players are not in their best shape.
Among the new players, we can highlight:
* Lukas Podolski;
* Sokratis;
* Sokratislav.
All of them are able to help the team in the Premier league, but they have not yet proved their worth.
Arsenal’ new coach has managed at the start of the season to make some changes, but there is still a long way to go. The Gunners are in a bad shape, but this does not justify the fact they are not at the top of the table.
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Why is the team not able in the EPL?
The team has not been in such a bad condition for several reasons. First of all, the coach of the squad is now Arsene wenger, who managed to improve many aspects of the game of the football players. The coach has also managed to find a way to make a lot changes in a short time, so there is no doubt that the team will be at the forefront of the fight in the new season.
Also, the players have not been able to demonstrate their best games in the international arena, which is another reason for the poor results of Arsenal.

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