Chelsea to sell Kalas?

Manchester United are in the last year of the contract of the player, who is not the most popular among the fans. The club has been trying to sell the player for a long time, but the player refused to leave the club.
The player has a contract with the club, which will end in 2020. The situation in the club is not very bright, because the players are not allowed to leave for free. The problem is that the player wants to leave, but his agent has a counter-offer.
Manchester City is the main contender for the player’s departure. The team has a lot of options to sell its player, and the club can make a profit.
However, the player has not signed a new contract with United, so he can leave the Old Trafford. The player has already left for the USA, and he has already signed a contract there. The contract with City is not a good option for the club because it will cost a lot to buy a new player.
There are also other clubs that are interested in the player. The main rival of Manchester United is Liverpool. The Reds have a lot more money and have a good squad. The players of the team are not the best, but they are very popular among fans.
It is possible that the club will sell the Kalas, because he is not in good shape. The transfer of the young player is very important for the team. The fans want to see the team in a better shape, and they want to get rid of the problem of the expensive transfers.

The team has many options to get a good player. It is important for them to sell a good midfielder, who can replace Kalas.
Who will replace Kalasa?
The club has a good chance to get the player from the Netherlands. The young player has good skills, and it is possible to find a good replacement for him.
Klas Jutte has a long career ahead of him. He has already played for the Netherlands national team. It will be very difficult to find the right replacement for the young Kalas in the future. The Dutch national team has some problems, but it is still a good team.
At the moment, the team has only one player who can play in the center of the field. The rest of the players have good skills. It can be a good idea to sell Juttes, because there are many good players in the team, and there is a chance to make a good profit. The cost of the transfer will be a lot lower than the price of the new player, because Jutes has a great potential.
If the club wants to make money, it can buy the player in the summer. The Netherlands national football team has good players, and this is a good opportunity to get rich.
What are the options for the fans?
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Many fans want the club to buy Kalas for a good price. It should be noted that the young midfielder is not good for the price, but he has a high potential. It’ll be very easy to find him a good club. The price of a new midfielder is about 100 million euros.
In the future, the club has many chances to get money, because it has a large budget. The chances of the fans are very high that they will be able to see a good game of Manchester City in the next season.
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