Mourinho: Ibrahimovic is injured, not suspended!

Manchester United have already been in the middle of a crisis for a long time. The previous season, Jose Mourinho’s team was in the Champions League zone, but lost to Liverpool. Then, the Red Devils were in the Europa League zone and won against Dynamo.
However, the season ended with a failure in the Premier League, too. The team lost to Chelsea and was kicked out of the Champions Cup.
The team has been in a crisis since the summer, when the Portuguese coach decided to bring in a new player, who was supposed to be a new striker, but the player was actually a midfielder.

The player was called Wayne Rooney, but he was actually Cristiano Ronaldo.
It is known that the player is not able to play, because he has a serious injury.
So, Mourinho has to decide how to solve the problem.
He can choose to let the player leave the team, or to let him play in the United reserves.
But it is not clear what the team will do with the player.
Will they let him go, or will they let the situation calm down?
This is the main question that will be answered in the near future.
Who will replace Rooney?
The main question is who will replace Wayne Rooney.
There are a number of candidates, but Mourinho has already said that he will choose a player who will be able to fulfill the role of the striker.
This player will have to be able not only to score goals, but also to distribute the ball and make the team’ soccer.
In the last season, the Portuguese team won the Europa league, and this season, they are in the top 4 of the Premier league.
If the team is able to win the Champions league, then the club will be in a good position to win gold medals.
All the latest news about Manchester United
The Red Devils are in a very difficult situation, because they have a lot of problems.
One of them is the lack of motivation of the team.
They have won the Champions cup, but they have not won the Premier.
Now, the team has a new coach, who has a very good record in the English Premier league, but it is obvious that he does not know how to motivate the players.
Another problem is the transfer ban.
After the ban, the players have to train in the reserve team, which is a very serious problem for the team because they need to be ready for any situation.
Also, the club is in the second half of the season, so they have to win matches in order to be in the first half of next season.
Manchester City is also in a difficult situation. The club has a good record, but now it is very difficult to win points.
Recently, the squad has not been able to perform in the league, so the club has to find a way to get results.
You can always follow the latest information about the team and its rivals on the website of sports statistics.
Latest news on Manchester United in the EPL
The club is now in the third half of its season, and it is really difficult to get points. The main problem is that the team does not have a good lineup.
Many of the players are injured, which makes it even more difficult to play.
Jose Mourinho is trying to solve this problem, and he has already chosen a new goalkeeper.
We can expect a new signing, who will help the team to get a result.
Do you want to learn more about the club and its players?
You will find the information about Manchester City and its competitors on the sports statistics website.
Here, you will find information about all the matches of the Epl, as well as other competitions.
These include:
* the Champions tournament;
* Europa league;
* the English league.
You have access to the information from the world of the English football, as the club plays in the Championship.
As for the club, it is now the main contender for the title of the most successful club in the country.
Main rivals of Manchester City include: Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, and Tottenham.
Among the main favorites, you can also find Leicester, Everton, and Manchester United.
Liverpool is in a poor shape, but this does not affect the team too much.
Chelsea has a lot to do, because the team needs to get some results. The Blues have a number 1, a number 2, and a number 3.
At the moment, the coach is trying a lot, but so far, the results are not very good.
Therefore, the Blues are not in a position to fight for the gold medals, but if they can get points, then they will be very close to the top of the standings.
Live scores of all the EFL matches
The season of the Championship is already in full swing, and the Efl competitions are also very interesting.
Of course, the main thing for the Blues is to get into the top-4, but even there, they will have a tough time.
Leicester is also very strong, but there is no doubt that the club can win the championship.
Arsenal is also a contender for victory, but its results are still not very convincing.

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