The future of Sanchez depends on the destination – Wenger

The future of Sanchez depends on the destination – Wenger will decide whether to keep the Chilean or sell him. The club’s management is already thinking about the transfer strategy and the future of the team’ players.
The transfer campaign of the club has already shown that it is possible to get the maximum out of the players. The transfer campaign has already begun and the club is already actively working on the transfer market.

The main transfer target of the Gunners is the defender. The team needs to strengthen the defense of the main striker, who is now the main star of the Arsenal lineup. The main transfer targets of the management are:
1. Lukaku. The Belgian has become one of the best strikers in the world. The player scored a hat-trick in the English Premier League and also scored a goal in the Champions League. The fans of the English football are already expecting a lot from the player, so the Gunner’ management is trying to buy him for a large amount of money.
2. Giroud. The Frenchman is a key player of the French team and he has already scored a lot of goals for the team. The Gunner management is also trying to get him for the same amount of cash.
3. Aubameyang. The German player is one of Arsenal’ main transfer acquisitions. The management of the London club is trying not to sell the player to another team, but to buy the player for a high price.
4. Ramsey. The England player is also a key transfer acquisition of the Wenger’ team.
5. Ozil. The young German player has already become a key member of the lineup.
6. Monreal. The Spanish player is a good addition to the team, too.
7. Sane. The Indian player has also become a good transfer acquisition.
8. Bellerin. The Brazilian player is an excellent addition to Arsenal” squad.
9. Mertesacker. The Dutchman is another good transfer addition.
10. Sarr and Sessegnon. The Frenchmen are also good additions to the lineup of the Emirates.
It is important for the Gun club to strengthen its defense, because the main goal of the season is to win the EPL. The Arsenal management is actively working to get a good price for the players, because it is not easy to buy a good defender for a very high price, especially for a young player.
However, the club”s management has already managed to get good results, so they are confident in the future. The players are ready to fight for the title, so it is very important for them to get into the top 4.
Main Transfer Targets of Arsenal
The Gunners have a good lineup, so there is no doubt that they will be able to fight against the main favorites of the tournament. The most important transfer target is the defense. The London club needs to get stronger, because there is not enough strength in the defense, especially at the back. The defense of Arsenal is very good, so its transfer targets are:
1- Lukaku;
2- Giroud;
3- Aubamey;
4- Ramsey;
5- Ozil;
6- Monreal;
7- Sane;
8- BellerĂ­n;
9- Mertsacker.
All of these players are good additions for the defense and they can help the team to fight with the main contenders of the Epl.
This summer, the Gun team has already started to buy good players for the lineup, but it is important to continue to improve the defense in order to fight in the EFL Cup.
Upcoming Matches of the Champions
The season of the European Cup is in full swing, and the main intrigue is the Champions’ League. This tournament is a real test of the strength of the strongest teams, and it is the main event of the year for the clubs that have already won the European Championship.
In the current season, the strongest clubs of the Old World are fighting for the coveted trophy. The struggle for the champion title is very intense, and there are only a few rounds left until the end of the championship.
As a result, the teams will be playing in the last rounds, and this will determine the fate of the champion.
At the moment, the main competitors of the teams that have won the title are: Liverpool, Manchester City, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, and Juventus.
Of course, the fight for gold medals is not an easy one, but the teams have a lot to do, because they have to fight not only against the teams from the Old Continent, but also against the outsiders.
After the end the season, we will know the final position of the clubs in the standings, and we will be waiting for the results of the matches.
Results of the Matches
In recent years, the Champions’ League has become a real struggle for gold. The matches are very intense and exciting, and fans are always looking for the latest news from the world of the most interesting competitions.

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